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Julia is a vibrant and energetic candidate who is already supporting the working class through her union affiliation and will continue to fight for every person in her district. She embraces the diversity of American society with her support for all people rich and poor, those of all faiths, races and gender identities. She has taken a very supportive stance for all veterans, and as one myself, she has my full confidence that she will battle for our rights going forward. I’m very excited she has chosen to run for Congress, and I intend to work tirelessly to see that she’s elected in 2018.

Dennis Wortham, Corona, CA

District 42 needs a progressive in the House! Too long has the middle class been ignored in this district. We need people in Congress who care about their constituents, and who put people before party!

Carrie Nelson, Corona, CA

Julia Peacock is exactly who we need in our district. She is a high school teacher, progressive, and really cares about people. I’ve met her several times, and she is a genuine person who will work very hard for us. I’m looking forward to having a representative who actually cares about all of his or her constituents’ concerns.”

Pam Ogden, Perris, CA

She’s what we need in Congress.

Regina M. Malgra

Julia Peacock is intelligent, knowledgeable and passionate about doing the most good for the most people. She listens, she studies the issues and speaks from the heart. She will be an energetic and persuasive representative of our people, all of us, not just the ones who agree with her. If you want to be represented by someone who does her homework, hire a teacher and vote for Julia.

Barbara Davis, Corona, CA

I support Julia Peacock and I cannot wait to vote for her. Julia is a class act who truly cares about the people in her district. Smart, articulate and passionate. It’s time for a change in our district and Julia is the change we need.

Rachel Bollin, Corona, CA

Julia Peacock will be the representative our district deserves. Her experiences reflect intelligence, compassion, and leadership. She listens! Ms. Peacock is honest and will be no one’s puppet. She will truly represent those of us living in this district!

Michael Brown, Sun City, CA

I support Julia Peacock for Congress because she cares about her community. She’s also not accepting money from the NRA, unlike Ken Calvert – in the top 20 members of Congress bought by the NRA. I don’t live in her district (we’re next door), but I’m encouraging those who do to vote for Julia!

Tammi Gingerella, Riverside, CA

I support Julia Peacock because she will be looking out for us average Joe’s and not just the rich and influential. She does and will continue to do things that are in the best interest of our children, and what’s good for our community, and she will have town halls and will listen to each of her constituents and do the best to help with their concerns.

Eleanor Reyna, Menifee, CA

I support Julia Peacock because she genuinely cares about the residents of the 42nd district. She answered my 3 questions about why she is running. She is engaged and is not looking down on us from an ivory tower. This is a Democracy: no one Representative should be in office for 30 years or more. It is time for a change and Julia Peacock is that change.

Elva Carter, Corona, CA

I’ll be voting for Julia because she cares about our environment, she cares about protecting and teaching our kids and she will represent all of us and not just rich donors. I’ve been able to talk personally with her and she has the strength, intelligence, integrity, and heart that represent my family’s values.

Angela Burch, Murrieta, CA

I support Julia Peacock because, as a resident of the 42 district, I want, and deserve, to have my representative represent me with honor, grace, and dignity. Someone who will fight for all of us no matter how much money we have in the bank or how large our financial portfolio is.

Donna Beardsley-Eckman, Murrieta, CA

I want to see a public school teacher with progressive views like mine in our district working for change in our country.

Kathy Cole, Murrieta, CA

The first time I heard Julia Peacock talk about why she wanted to represent CA42 in Congress, I had tears in my eyes. Finally, someone who cares about people irrespective of color, income or lack of, political affiliation or who we love. A fierce fighter who will talk with and listen to her constituents. She is hope for a better future!

Tracy Sanford Wachtel, Menifee, CA

Julia Peacock is the perfect person to replace Ken Calvert, as she is his total opposite: intelligent and thoughtful, will not put party over country, will listen to her constituents and bring a balance to this district that has been lost over the past 25 years. We need her!!

Terrilee Hammett, Temecula, CA

I support Julia because she is passionate about the issues that are important to me: DACA, LGBTQ equality, and turning the tide against the NRA.

Rachel Reeder, Norwalk, CA

Julia Peacock is a dedicated public servant who understands that a quality education is essential to all our children’s futures. Over many years, Julia has worked as a teacher to eliminate the school-to-prison-pipeline by recognizing that our so-called ‘forgotten youth’ deserve the same access to the American dream as every other student. She’s taken on the tough challenges and has the record to prove it. Her leadership, service, and commitment are particularly noteworthy. And I am confident these qualities will be her guide in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Robert Garcia, President, Board of Education, Jurupa Unified School District

The mission of the Freethought Equality Fund (FEF) is to change the face of American politics and to achieve equality by increasing the number of open humanists and atheists, and their allies, in public office at all levels of government. FEF supports progressive candidates who are strong advocates for the separation of religion and government and the protection of civil liberties. FEF is affiliated with the Center for Freethought Equality, which is the advocacy and political arm of the American Humanist Association. The Freethought Equality Fund represents atheists, humanists, and other nonreligious Americans and seeks to increase our participation in the political arena. Today 24% of Americans do not identify with any religion. According to the Pew Research Center, the religiously unaffiliated is now the largest ‘religious group’ in America, surpassing Evangelical Protestants and Catholics. If you just consider Americans who identify as atheists and agnostics, this community is as large as the Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, Orthodox Christian, Buddhist, Jehovah’s Witness, and Hindu communities combined! This endorsement is in recognition of your support for the issues that are important to the nontheist community – secular government, scientific integrity, reproductive freedom, LGBTQ rights, and civil rights for all Americans.

Freethought Equality Fund, Washington DC

I’ve known Julia for almost 20 years. She is a fearless leader and defender of human and civil rights. She is the right person for the 42nd.

Julie Costello, Gig Harbor, WA

Our Congressman, Ken Calvert, is out of touch and is a career politician who is in the pocket of special interest. My vote for my Congress, for the person who I believe will represent the interest of ALL of the constituents of the 42nd District will be for Julia Peacock.

Ted Peck, Temecula, CA

I support Julia because I believe she will listen to her constituents. We have had a Congressman who refuses to meet with us for too long now. It is time to turn our district blue and being progressive is just icing on the cake. I like the idea of having an educator rather than a businessman as my representative as education is the key to making America grow.

Dorri Heaman Angier, Lake Elsinore, CA

As a Corona native, I always felt that the district needed a progressive leader for the area. From the moment I spoke to you, I knew you were that person. Your positions I agree with but your character and passion are what sold me.

William Floyd, Los Angeles, CA

I support Julia Peacock because she will fight for the rights of ALL people and because she has a specific plan for dealing with homelessness in the community. Her passion and desire to help people are contagious!

Denise Muro, Winchester, CA

I support Julia because she puts people before money. She wants to represent and serve everyone in her district, regardless of their gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation. I support Julia because she cares about affordable healthcare, public education, protecting immigrants, reproductive rights, and helping our homeless and veterans.

Charity Cox Barczyszyn, Murrieta, CA

I support Julia Peacock because I want a progressive candidate who cares for and will work for the working class people, not the NRA.

Tyler Ferguson, Wildomar, CA

I support Julia Peacock because, beyond party lines, she’s genuine, hard-working, and wants to do right by her community. She reminds me so much of my husband (someone who also believes in the power of reaching their students in an authentic way, not just what a grade or test says). That’s what first caught my eye because I had very little interest in meeting yet another politician. She’s not someone with tons of money telling her what to do, she’s real. I’m ready for that!! We NEED that!

Megan Heid, Murrieta, CA

I listened carefully to Julia Peacock’s presentation with the others also running to pry Calvert out of his seat. I was impressed with so many aspects she showed. She is someone I feel I can believe in. For me, it’s a huge plus that she is a teacher. That means she is empathetic and knows and works with real people. She’s well prepared and it’s obvious she knows the issues of this District and has plans how she will help. She’s also campaigning on Calvert’s lack of availability to the constituents, and so I know she will be accessible. I am enthusiastic about her candidacy and think she is exactly what this growing, diverse District needs.

Sharon Solomon, Murrieta, CA

I support Julia because we share basic beliefs and I believe she is in it for exactly the right motives and she would be a 1000% improvement over Ken Calvert.

Mary Emmerling, Lake Elsinore, CA

I saw Julia speak in Corona. I thought her answers were compassionate and clear-headed. I especially appreciated her background as a teacher and advocate for students with learning challenges. I’ve also decided to vote for her because she’s not afraid to give a direct answer to a direct question, unlike her opponent, who said I was harassing him by asking basic, simple questions about his background. I think she’ll be a great voice for all of the people in CA 42.

Jill Wolowic Comras, Menifee, CA

I support Julia because she is articulate, approachable and will listen to and meet with constituents. She has a plan for improving education, immigration reform, affordable healthcare, common sense gun control, and taking greed out of politics. I will work to get Julia elected!!!

Maria Contreras, Corona, CA