Veterans and the Military

America is a land of hope, opportunity, and freedom. Our hopes, opportunities, and freedoms have been hard fought and won by the men and women who, for as long as we’ve been determined to be America, sacrificed their lives so that we could be a land of liberty and justice for all.

For far too long, we have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on military expenditures every year. Unfortunately, for all the billions we spend, our brave men and women are no better equipped in battle than any other industrialized country’s military. Outdated weaponry, the wrong equipment for the conflict, and a military industrial complex that favors the industry’s profits over protecting our servicemembers mean waste to the tunes of millions. Enough.

On top of this, our veterans and their families struggle to find the support they need when our brave men and women return from active duty. 30-day waiting periods for mental health exams; digital systems that lack proper function and training for its users; lack of qualified leadership for one of the most important agencies in our government; lack of funding for the Choice program. Our veterans deserve so much more from the country they sacrificed so much for.

I commit to working directly with veterans’ organizations to determine and to fund what veterans really need. I commit to working with women’s’ veterans groups to meet the specific needs of our brave women of the military. I commit to hiring more mental health professionals to stop the horrifying reality that between 20 and 23 veterans take their own lives every day in the United States. I commit to ensuring that every veteran who comes home from conflict is contacted by professionals in their communities so they don’t have to navigate the complicated VA system on their own.