K-12 education should not be for-profit. Children in all communities, especially low-income, must be given equitable opportunity to learn and to succeed whether their parents can afford to provide them an education or not. Betsy DeVos is unqualified to lead the Department of Education and everything must be done to prevent her from destroying our public schools. Her plans do not protect low-income students who do not have access to private schools; do not guarantee the rights of special education and special needs students under IDEA 2004; do not hold for-profit and charter schools accountable to standards in education or in teacher preparation; do not safeguard low-income communities from the drain on education when charter schools are allowed to take much-needed state funding away from community public schools; do not guarantee a lack of discrimination in enrollment or in hiring.

To encourage children to follow the educational path that is right for them, I will fight for tuition-free college. I will fight for full funding of our public schools. I will fight for charter schools to be held accountable to the families they serve, not their corporate leaders.